How do I arrange for my pet to be cremated?

Please arrange your pet’s cremation via your veterinary clinic. Veterinary clinic staff will arrange everything with us on your behalf, including payment. We work with ALL veterinary clinics in the South Island.

Do I need to bring my pet to Fond Farewells in Lincoln?

No. Please arrange your pet’s cremation through your veterinary clinic. Your veterinary clinic will arrange for us collect your pet from their clinic.

Will my pet be cremated on its own?

Your pet will be cremated separately in a chamber with other pets. Each pet is kept completely separate from other pets and identification is maintained throughout the entire process. We 100% guarantee that you get your own pet’s ashes back with no chance of cross contamination.

Please note: if this is a concern for you we can arrange private cremations for an additional charge.

Why don’t you cremate all pets privately?

The large capacity of the cremator means it would be very expensive to operate in this manner and would increase the cost of our service to pet owners. The time it would take to get your pet’s ashes back would also be considerably longer if we cremated each pet privately. However, we are able to accommodate special requests, so please contact us if this is a concern.

Do I get my own pets ashes back?

Absolutely! We guarantee it 100%. Our professional standards and quality care guarantee that you will receive the ashes of your pet. We have been in operation since 1986 and pride ourselves on this guarantee. You can choose from a variety of pet urns, and other memorial keepsakes to further honour the life of your pet. Have a look at our pet memorials and keepsakes.

Do I get all my pets ashes back?

Yes, absolutely!

How much does it cost to cremate my pet?

The cost of cremation varies depending on the size/weight of your pet and the service you require. Please contact your veterinary clinic for pricing relevant to your pet.

What days do you operate?

Cremations are performed 5 days per week, Monday – Friday.

When will my pet’s ashes to be returned?

The average waiting time for the return of ashes is 7-10 working days, depending on the service required. Your pet’s ashes will be returned to your veterinary clinic for collection, or they will arrange to courier them to you.

Can I attend my pet’s cremation?

Unfortunately no you cannot. Due to safety and resource management regulations it is not possible for owners to attend cremations.

Can you cremate a pet that has been previously buried?

Yes. Some pet owners initially choose to bury their pets but then circumstances change and they wish to have their pet cremated.

Can you cremate my pet’s favourite blanket or toy with my pet?

Unfortunately no, strict resource consent and environmental rules do not allow us to cremate anything other than your pet.

My pet has a microchip, does this need to be removed before cremation?

No, microchips are fine. However if your pet has had a pace maker fitted, please ensure you let us know as this will need to be removed before cremation.

How to package a body for cremation? (Vet information)

Please refer to this information sheet for full details.